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She thought that four of them were very dull. Hepburn also received an additional eight Oscar nominations over the years for the films: The other four, she thought, were good movies, two with Cary Grant.

He gave her a contract. She had some success playing the noted French designer Coco Chanel — in a Broadway musical that opened in ; Coco had a long run but did not make impressive use of her capabilities.

She was nominated for six Oscars and won three of them. Hepburn, determined to re-establish herself, returned to the Kathrine hepburn essay stage, playing the lead in a successful production of The Philadelphia Story.

Then, inshe made a picture called Spitfire. In an important exhibitor placed an advertisement in a trade paper and described Hepburn, along with various other female stars, as "box office poison. Kate and Luddy spent the rest jof the summer in Fenwick. Then Clifford Brooke, a director, sent for her to read a part for him.

But she definitely preferred women. Kenneth Clark became known for his remarks on rape. Today they all live together across the continents of the world side by side.

In an effort to salvage her career, she bought out her contract from RKO rather than appear in a woefully unsuitable film, "Mother Carey's Chickens".

Katharine Hepburn

She won her first ever Academy Award in for her performannces in these movies. Katharine did her best. Kate,as she was called by her family members, had two sisters, Peg and Marion, and three brothers, Tom, Dick, and Bob.

He was against the perpetuated detaining and imprisonment of suspects in Guantanamo prison. The museum opened my eyes and gave me the platform to become more knowledgeable. She thought that she was wasting her time.

Upon graduating four years later, she immediately embarked on a successful career in the theater. They were a team professionally as well as personally. It is a crime that has broken all barriers and affects people of all ages and races. The person who rapes a young girl and the person who rapes an older person are both rapists.

Sexuality is personal and all should be left to follow and make their sexual choices. Her youth was filled with physical activity.

Several later Broadway undertakings proved to be failures. Later career Hepburn was not particularly lucky in her choice of work after the beginning of the s. I went to the museum in the company of my friend and my sister. Credit must go to her extraordinary parents, a noted urologist father, who at great professional risk brought the facts about venereal disease to a wider public, and his dedicated suffragette wife an early champion of birth controlfor providing an eccentric and genteel upbringing stressing Spartan physical discipline.

This was the first of may popular films that she made with her friend, Spencer Tracy. Katharine, a dedicated induvidualist, added her dynamic personality to many early movies. Governments and other lobby groups should never be afraid to punish those who discriminate others on their races.

She attended Bryn Mawr college in Connecticut. I once watched a movie on the traditional ways of making Japanese pottery and other clay products. In the s Hepburn interrupted her career to care for the ailing Tracy. Yes, Hepburn was bisexual. Katharine did her best.

I mean, who cares if she or any closeted celeb slept with some men? He broke through the sexual discrimination barriers and showed the world that anything can be possible for anyone.

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They called her a week later and said they would pay her one hundred fifty dollars per week to do a play called Art and Mrs. They moved from Hartford to New York.

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America is a beautiful country with a lot of lawns but the one at the museum is different.Enjoy the best Katharine Hepburn Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Katharine Hepburn, American Actress, Born May 12, Share with your friends. Essay Katharine Hepburn Kathrine Hep, the winner of more acting awards than any other actress in history, is a very dynamic woman.

She was born in Hartford Connecticut, on May 12, She wass the second oldest child of six. Katharine Hepburn and Joan Fontaine both appeared in productions of The Lion in Winter (Hepburn in the film version, Fontaine in a Austrian stage production) and both passed away at the age of Kathrine Hep, the winner of more acting awards than any other actress in history, is a very dynamic woman.

She was born in Hartford Connecticut, on May 12, /5(2). KateKatharine Houghton Hepburn was born on May 12, in Hartford, Connecticut. She was the second child born to Katharine and Thomas Hepburn. Kate, as she was called by her family members, had two sisters, Peg 5/5(7).

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